Ground Effect Aviation Podcast
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Ground Effect is a podcast about the thrill of learning to fly. We discuss all things general aviation: what inspired pilots to first take up flying, the challenges of flight training, pilot stories, visual flying in Europe (and elsewhere), safety, light aircraft and life as a licensed pilot. Along the way, I'll be sharing my own progress as a student pilot in Paris, France.

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    4. Neha Puri, Nepalese A320 pilot

    In episode 4, we speak with Neha Puri, who recently transitioned from flying a twin-engine turbo-prop on domestic routes in Nepal to flying the A320 to international destinations. This is the second of two interviews recorded in the summer of 2018 in Nepal, which I took forever to edit and put out (sorry Neha and my listeners!). But here it is, it's a really fun episode and we hope the wait will have been worth it!

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    3. Binod Puri, Nepalese Mountain Flying Pilot

    Holiday mountain flying special! In episode 3, we speak to senior Nepalese mountain flying captain Binod Puri right after he flies me to Lukla, the "world's most dangerous airport". Tenzing-Hillary airport is an exceptional altiport: a one-way 1.729ft (527m) sloped runway at an altitude of 9.2000ft (2800m) with an 11.7% gradient, a cliff on one end and a stone wall on the other, towering mountains on all sides and unpredictable, fast-changing weather.

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    2. Frédéric, Flight Instructor and Physiotherapist

    In our second episode, we speak to my flight instructor Frédéric. I've been flying with Frédéric for a couple of months now and this episode was a chance to learn more about what made him want to change careers and become a pilot relatively late in life, what it's like to teach someone else how to fly and what his own goals are as a pilot. If you're considering flight training but aren't sure where to start, Frédéric has some tips for you.

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    1. Antoine, European A320 Pilot and Aviation Podcast Host

    In our first episiode, we speak to Antoine, an A320 pilot, a French-language aviation podcast host and previously an air traffic controller in Switzerland. We talk about pilot training in Europe, his own journey from air traffic controller to pilot, the notion of personal minimums, the differences of private flying in the US vs Europe and his desire to share his passion for aviation.